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Mission Statement

(ATL96 Foundation)
is an international nonprofit organization with three principal focus areas: Global Health & Wellness, Education & Training, and the Environment. The Atlanta 1996 Centennial Foundation will, when feasible promote Peace & Reconciliation issues within its 3 focus areas.

Steps to Fulfill the Mission Statement

  1. Securing funding to conduct its activities.
  2. Conducting activities to improve Global Health & Wellness, promote and provide Education & Training, protect the Environment.
  3. Joining local, national, and international partners to ensure the greatest impact and sustainability of activities in each of its 3 focus areas.
  4. Serving as a liaison between national and international organizations, institutions, governments, universities, corporations, nonprofit organizations, communities, and individuals.

Collaboration Highlights

Since the Atlanta 1996 Centennial Foundation, Inc. (ATL96 Foundation) was founded in 1994 to implement the Post War Rehabilitation & Development Program in Rwanda designed by the Atlanta based Consulting Firm Afrique Santé & Environnement, LLC (ASE), it has since then collaborated with ASE on numerous programs and projects. ASE was established in 1992 and provides consulting services in the domains of international health, public health, epidemiology, tropical medicine, and environmental issues.

Since 1992,
ASE and the Atlanta 1996 Centennial Foundation
have collaborated with